Since 2013

We are well known in Construction, Building & Construction Material Supply, and Cargo and transportation services.

175+ Employees

We have created a job opportunity for more than 175 workers in Ethiopia

> 30,000 Clients

we have more that 30,000 satisfied clients in cargo service, construction and building material supply

A place where you get unlimited transportation service

Awash Cargo RIDE

Within a short period since it began its operation, Awash Cargo Ride has already provided transportation and other logistics services to several small and mega companies.

We have earned the reputation of safe and timely delivery of diverse kinds of shipments, which include factory raw materials, construction materials and machineries, food items, cereals, and other perishable and non-perishable items with the respective safety and care needed to each category of the shipments.

Pioneers in the development of the economy and building society!

Awash Building & Construction Material Supply

Our company has started to see the value of what you paid for a higher initial cost in exchange for a lower lifetime cost, which is why, thanks to our experience, we have become a well-known quality construction material supplier in Ethiopia.

A place where you get unlimited service

Awash Construction

Awash Construction was established in 2013 in line with the Ethiopian business law and licensed as a general construction firm under the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction to execute construction of roads, bridges, buildings, waterworks and similar works to a broad range of commercial and industrial clients throughout Ethiopia.  

Since then, we have signed and entered in to several contracts for construction of roads, buildings and related works and have successfully completed most of the contracts to the satisfaction of our clients.


For Over two years we managed to build a strong relationship with many of the top constructions companies & factories around the Country, this relationship was built on our foundation of etc...

Below are a list of a few of our clients..